Bra Types And Styles

T-Shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is quite similar to a padded bra. It has smooth cups that don’t leave any impression when worn under body-hugging outfits. T-shirt bras are almost always seamless, so they’re smooth under clingy clothes. Plus, they’re either lined with sleek foam or lightly padded with polyfill.

Balconette Bra

Imagine your breasts overlooking an elegant balcony — that’s the gist of a balconette bra. It has short cups, a horizontal top, and straps that sit wider apart than most other bras. Also referred to as a shelf bra or balcony bra, the balconette bra is mainly defined by its cups, which only cover a little more than half of the breasts (up to just above the nipple line). They almost always have underwire, and sometimes also include vertical seams at the bottom of the cups — these features combined result in serious uplift. It’s no wonder why the balconette bra is known for being a stellar option for showcasing cleavage.

Sport Bra

A sports bra is designed to minimize breast movement during physical activity. They offer different levels of support and compression depending on the intensity of physical activity. If you’re running, you’ll definitely want a high impact sports bra. Light and medium impact sports bras are better for activities like yoga.

Plunge Bra

A bra that is cut deeply between the cups is described as plunge. A plunge bra can provide flattering cleavage without the bra showing and is ideal under low-cut or deep V-neck fashions. With a versatile design and universally-flattering fit, plunge bras are a great choice for low cut and plunging necklines.

Minimizer Bra

If you want to wear a form-fitting dress without accentuating the size of your breasts, a minimizer can help. It can shape your bust to appear smaller by redistributing your breast volume. By pressing the breast tissue closer to the torso while spreading it more evenly across the chest, these bras can make your bust appear smaller.

Longline Bra

A longline bra covers about same area that a crop top would, with cups up top and fabric extending as far as past the belly button below. Sort of hybrid between a crop top and a bra. Its band extends lower than typical bras, as far down as your hips, for added support. Some might even be designed to help with waist-shaping.

Full Coverage Bra

Full figure bras as the name suggest has full coverage cups and broader side coverage. Such styles work best with women who have bigger & fuller breasts. These bras prevent spillage and give a much more flattering figure. Full coverage bras provide comfortable coverage and support for all bra sizes. This style is designed to minimize cleavage. As such, full coverage bras are perfect for work or school, when you want a little more coverage and the attention on you and not your bust. features smooth molded cups for opacity. The soft padding adds an extra layer of coverage and prevents nipples from showing through clothing.

Demi Bra

Demi bras are low-cut, with cups going up about halfway over your bust. You could pair it with a V-neck top without worrying about showing your bra cup. The cups on this bra only cover about half of your breasts. Unlike a plunge bra, however, the center gore is not especially low instead, the cups are lower all the way across. Typically, the demi cup bra only comes up to about an inch to an inch and a half above the nipple line. Moreover, the shoulders straps are usually set somewhat wider apart.


Bralettes are a bra style without wires or molded cups and with straps that can be thin or lacy. While it’s great for coverage and comfort, the simplicity of this type of bra means it doesn’t offer much when it comes to support. Bralette is a bra style that lies somewhere between a bra and a crop top. These easy-to-wear bras are usually non-padded non-wired and have a slip-on style. With less of support and construction, this style focuses more on style and comfort factor. They can be styled as a fashionable outwear too!

Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bras are also called tube bras. These are pretty basic in structure with no wiring, no padding and no straps. But quite a few tube bras come with inbuilt pockets to insert pads. This bra style works best under tube tops or racerback tops. Great option for times when you don’t want your straps to be visible. Bandeau bras are essentially itty-bitty tube tops that just cover your breasts. It’s a strip of cloth that you pull on – no straps, hooks, or cups

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